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Japan Airlines – Evolving the Industry to be Sustainable

The world is evolving, with technological innovation offering continuous opportunities for transformation. The air travel industry is one very much affected by this trend, with modernisation and good service a hallmark of this sector’s appeal. Part of this evolution includes the increasing priority being given to sustainability and the increasing demand for companies to do more to offset their carbon footprint. Japan Airlines is a company that understands such pressures and works to incorporate them into its operations.

Japan Airlines is an international company with a long history; as such, they understand the importance of keeping pace with the changing environment and the ever-increasing expectations of their customers. The company’s vision is to be the preferred airline on a global level and, to this end, they are working to promote continuous and sustainable growth, keeping ahead of their competition with a vast network of destinations that appeal to their customers.

“Customers no longer want to be merely passive recipients of services, they want to be in control.” So says Akira Mitsumasu of Japan Airlines. The company demonstrates the importance of customer centricity in their operations with the introduction of a one-ID concept, allowing facial recognition data to be used in baggage drop, security, boarding, and indeed throughout the airport process in order to facilitate the overall customer experience at airports.

Sustainability is currently a very contentious issue for air travel, with concerns about carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption taking a priority in recent years. The aviation industry is conscious of such concerns and is working towards stabilising their carbon emissions with the goal of achieving carbon neutral growth this year and reducing carbon emissions by half from the level of 2005. Currently 80% of the Japan Airlines fleet is fuel efficient and they are taking measures to produce and use more biofuel.

Modernisation and sustainability are important priorities in today’s world, but Japan Airlines is proving to the air travel sector that they do not have to be mutually exclusive. Sustainability requires change and can be a new way to focus modernisation efforts in a direction that benefit the company and its customers alike.