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Bayer AG – Contributing to a Carbon Zero Future in Agriculture

Agriculture and food production are serious issues for our future as a society. By 2050 the population is expected to grow to 10 billion so serious questions need to be asked about how we are going to feed so many people without starving the planet. In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned in the way that their food is produced, meaning that additional factors must be taken into consideration. Bayer AG is a longstanding member of the agricultural and healthcare industries, and so has a lot of experience to contribute.

Bayer AG is the global leader in the agriculture industry with the leading status in all key crops. The company is highly innovative and operates in 130 countries; as a result, the footprint that this company makes is not inconsiderable, as is its influence on how global food production will operate in the future.

Collaboration is a key factor in the agriculture industry and Bayer understands this. Local governments and regulators decide the rules for food production within their jurisdiction. Bayer sees its role as advising such groups about the results of their decisions but operating within such framework while maintaining an overview of the situation on a global level.

Agriculture is an industry with potentially severe environmental impact. Bayer’s innovative products mean that they can produce more on less land, so agricultural techniques involving land clearing or deforestation are not necessary. However, the impact agriculture is having on climate change is not a positive one.

President of Bayer Crop Science, Liam Condon, explains further. “I think we have to acknowledge that agriculture – food production – is today clearly a part of the problem of climate change because a lot of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, 70% of fresh water used worldwide is used for agricultural purposes.” However, he continued to say: “We believe that agriculture can actually be done in a carbon zero manner with the right science and technology used and with that agriculture can actually become part of the solution to climate change.”

Bayer AG believes that, through science and technological advances, productivity and sustainability can operate successfully as a unit. With production and sustainability proving such high-profile challenges in today’s world, Bayer AG’s optimism is welcome and – given the company’s expertise – a good indication of future success.