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Cayman Islands – Moving Forward

The Cayman Islands prides itself on its conservation and sustainability, and the diversity of its population – more than 135 nationalities living harmoniously together – facilitates innovation, thought leadership and overall well-being.

Much of that is driven by a progressive, innovative tourism industry.

‘We’ve always thought of ourselves as being ahead of the times,’ explains Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT).

Mrs Harris serves on multiple boards with a view to manage and shape the tourism industry across the Cayman Islands, and has been recognised for her leadership and passion in promoting travel, tourism and sustainability across the Caribbean region with multiple awards.

The key to managing tourism and all its aspects successfully, she maintains, is an emphasis on cultural immersion, long-term business development and social responsibility. As part of this strategy, CIDOT provides enterprises with training and support to raise awareness of important factors – such as generational consumer social preferences and interests – with a view to facilitating a more sustainable experience.

These factors include strong waste management protocols, well-established marine conservation laws and a world-class business and tourism infrastructure that gives the Cayman Islands natives and visitors alike the chance for long-term prosperity.

And while the Caribbean island nation is known globally for its financial services sector, Mrs Harris is keen to promote a more holistic picture of what the Cayman Islands has to offer.

‘We’re known for international business,’ she admits. ‘But tourism has always been the sister to financial services.’

And the Cayman Islands certainly does have more to offer, with stunning scuba diving spots, miles of golden beaches, hiking trails and rock-climbing across its three islands.

‘Whether it’s families, couples, groups – there’s a varied experience across all three of our islands. Take the time to immerse yourself. We’d like to share our culture, our heritage and our hospitality with the world. We believe that you can dream in Cayman.

‘But also, for our people, we want tourism to benefit them, as a growing, thriving industry’.