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Ecolog International – Sustainable Growth in Difficult Environments

Ali Vezvaei is new to the job of Group CEO of global supply and logistics provider, Ecolog International but he was amazed to see the company’s start-up spirit sustained 20 years into operational excellence and a company spirit built around a simple tenet: failure is not an option.

Ecolog is used to operating in difficult environments; the company started as support to peacekeeping forces in Kosovo and has grown into a multi-million-pound organisation. The company has ‘learned through doing’ and has used their experience to incorporate strategies, solutions and technology into their operational methods.

Ecolog currently operates in four main areas, in logistics, energy, support services and peacekeeping. These areas of focus have led the company to work around the globe with prominent institutions like the United Nations and to garner a reputation as a partner with the ability to operate in record time.

With 20 years of experience, Ecolog understands the importance of integrity and the need to demonstrate to clients that Ecolog will act in a transparent and sustainable manner while going above and beyond in their commitment to providing a good service.

However, with operations in 40 countries, with 150 locations and currently 1,100 active projects, a crucial area of importance for Ecolog is to ensure that its staff are looked after. With over 10,000 employees around the world, the company works hard at an executive level to ensure that the health and wellbeing of their employees is attended to, while implementing a rotation system for employees so that the company ethos and experience is beneficial to all locations.

Ecolog’s work means the company has started being associated with under-developed countries; this has had a profound effect on the company’s priorities. “We have seen first-hand what it does to communities and how it does impact the global community.” Explains Ali Vezvaei, “It’s not only the location that suffers, it’s also the implications and ramifications of that suffering that spreads across the world. The refugees, the mass migrations and so on, and so forth, these are the simple by-products of lack of development.” 

Ecolog has become a signing partner to the UN’s global company and directly supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This manifests in a very active and sustainable CSR (Corporate, Social, Governance) where Ecolog builds schools, trains communities and ensures that development occurs in each area the company operates in.

Ecolog’s story is one of growth and responsibility. The company is very aware of its success but is committed to using that success to have a positive impact on the world and its people.