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Jumptuit – The future of data utilisation

Jumptuit provides intelligent searching for data empowerment

The world is flooded with data and there’s no going back. But are you tired of all your data going to advertisers? Can that data be used properly?

Jumptuit offers just that by cherrypicking relevant information and delivering it when it’s needed.

Jumptuit Smart City encompasses a broad spectrum of data that impacts Smart Citizens and Smart Business services in all sectors including healthcare, education, residential and commercial buildings, transportation and logistics, finance, insurance, energy, utilities and government.

The company’s Regulated Contributory Data Streaming Service increases the velocity of data sharing between sectors in smart cities and across jurisdictions. Jumptuit’s Data Rights Matrix enforces privacy and industry regulations overcoming barriers such as bureaucratic boundaries and regional standards that silo data and slow progress and development.

Jumptuit Smart City is part of the Jumptuit Group which encompasses over 20 Vertical Entities, including Agriculture, Earth, Education, Energy, Finance, Gaming, Government, Health, Insurance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Opportunity Centers, Personal Care, Real Estate, Research & Development, Smart City, Talent and Travel.

Jumptuit Founder, Chairman and CEO Donald Leka addresses how the decentralization and democratization of data will augment the abilities of individuals and their encompassing communities, resulting in smarter citizens, smarter businesses and smarter government services:

‘A great way to visualise augmentation is from this perspective: people today spend 70% of their time searching for the information they need, leaving only 30% of their time to actually achieve their goals,’ he explains. ‘So we’re lifting that burden by delivering that information that they need in a very granular way.

‘So there’s an augmentation there with the information, human resources or capital that they need, so it can help users in a multitude of ways.’

Jumptuit improves the quality of life of individuals with smart data and insights that can only be derived from a broad and deep spectrum of dynamic cross-market sector data.

Jumptuit’s Acuity Engine generates insights driven by the unique characteristics of individuals, communities, businesses, cities and regions, improving the formation and implementation of public policy. Jumptuit’s smart data solutions are designed to benefit established cities with older infrastructure and developing cities and regions, always taking into account their distinct characteristics and autonomously following jurisdictional and market sector regulations.

Jumptuit Smart City addresses the challenges created by growing urban populations while propelling economic growth and environmental stability, driving the new era of data utilisation.