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Katjesgreenfood – Forward Thinking in the Food Industry

The food industry is undergoing a revolution. The shifting of consumer priorities and the demand for sustainability is affecting the shape, future and the very definition of food. Companies in the industry need to be ahead of the curve and in a good position to anticipate the changes that are imminent for this sector. Food start-up investor, Katjesgreenfood has big plans to disrupt the food market.

Katjesgreenfood is a leader in the industry with a particular focus on ethical and sustainable approaches to the problems that we face. Katjes is a Germany-based, family-owned company with a generational reach in the industry. KGF, founded four years ago, is a relatively new arm of the company and is the first European food impact investor, only investing in sustainable food start-up brands.

Katjesgreenfood CEO, Dr. Manon Littek comes at the problem from a tech background – where there has been significant disruption in recent years. She looks to bring her perspective,  being a vegetarian for most of her life, to the food industry where there is currently just as much disruption. This informs their choice in start-up investment, with Katjesgreenfood prioritising brands that offer real change to the food system. With five start-ups in Europe and a further five in the US, Katjesgreenfood is engaging with their investments to bring its own experience from the confectionery sector and branded FMCG competence in order to work through  the problems facing the food sector in the next few years.

Dr. Mannon Littek discusses the priority for Katjes, “The whole topic of scarcity of resources. We will grow to 10 billion people in the next 20 years and we just don’t have the resources, so we need to have another way of producing food.” As far as Katjesgreenfood is concerned, the future is plant based, so their start-ups must offer sustainable solutions that are plant based in order to meet the goals Katjesgreenfood sets.

Katjes is a campaigning company, which was already working on plant-based products seven years before the market went in that direction. This is indicative of their approach: to be ahead of the consumer while going with the consumer. Which also extends to their sustainable priorities; Katjes is the first large food company in Germany to be CO2 neutral and a company that believes in the benefits of being forward-thinking.

It is not an understatement to say that food will be a dominant point of discussion in the next decades. Companies that are taking the steps to be ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability and production will have a lot to contribute to such debates in years to come. Katjes is taking steps now to ensure that it will be part of such deliberation.