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L.E.K. Consulting – Harnessing the opportunities of technological disruption

In an accelerating world, the disruptions of advancing technology can be viewed two ways – as overwhelming challenges, or as great opportunities. How, then, can an organisation prepare and strategize for the future to take advantage of those opportunities?

Guiding clients through the impacts of these changes, and more importantly, harnessing them, is what drives the vision of L.E.K. Consulting, which values the art of thinking ahead.

L.E.K. is a global strategy consulting firm with offices worldwide, and expertise spanning across key global industries including industrials, energy, consumer and healthcare. Their business is driven by the goal of helping clients to solve the problems of today, while also planning for tomorrow.

Robert Rourke, Managing Director and President of L.E.K.’s Americas region said: ‘We work with our clients to understand how disruption informs growth strategy, looking at the opportunities to change a business model and change a competitive position within the marketplace.’

While acknowledging that its clients are the experts in their own fields, L.E.K. provides the expertise in analysis, proactivity and cross-sector experience that can help boost corporate development and identify opportunities before they happen.

L.E.K. focuses on helping clients answer their most complex strategic questions in a world of constantly shifting requirements and expectations. Many businesses are increasingly looking for answers on how to plan for future success in light of new technologies.

Rob went on to explain why technological impact is about more than just implementation and application, and is a major industry disruptor with broad implications at the top of many agendas for the coming decade and beyond.

‘The need for objectivity is going to increase as the speed of change does.’ Rob said.  ‘Companies need help to navigate that change and stay objective. That’s what L.E.K. can offer.’