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Noble Environmental Technologies – Invents Fiber Alloys® Creating Next Generation Design Materials

Used coffee grounds from your favorite coffee shop, spent brewer’s yeast from beer, old corrugated cardboard, or leftovers from agricultural crops are no longer waste, but rather one of the world’s most useful and abundant resources.

NOBLE Environmental Technologies is the leading provider of science-based solutions that enable the conversion of fiber waste, such as paper, cardboard and agricultural inputs into advanced Fiber Alloys.  NOBLE’s proprietary Fiber Alloys, manufactured as panels and marketed under the brand name ECOR, are used for a broad variety of end products including high performance building materials like floors, walls and ceilings; furniture, packaging, retail and merchandising.   

Robert Noble, creator of ECOR, and Chairman and Founder of NOBLE, believes ECOR will transform the global materials market, not unlike the revolutionary impact of paper and plastic. ECOR has superior performance; it’s low cost, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, upcyclable and sustainable. 

ECOR provides a breakthrough level of design versatility and freedom. Unlike conventional materials, it can be used to create virtually unlimited designs including flat form, curved form, and structural 3D forms. A vast array of different fibers can be used to achieve design and performance characteristics. ECOR’s advanced Fiber Alloy panels can be manufactured in various thicknesses and densities. Panels can be laminated, printed or painted for truly exceptional design versatility. End products are lighter, less costly and easier to ship.

Globally, the forces that are driving increased material use are powerful and to a large degree, immutable. Over the next 40 years, approximately 3 billion people will migrate from rural to urban areas in search of a better life. Approximately 2.5 trillion square feet of floor space will need to be built by 2060 – the equivalent of constructing every building in New York City every month for the next 40 years. More broadly, approximately 500 tons of material are attributable per person in the form of infrastructure including roads, houses, sidewalks, utility grids, waste management systems, etc. The raw materials required to meet the construction material requirements are projected to be the very large majority of the 123 billion tons of non-metallic and biomass materials projected to be used by 2060.

“The current single use materials system is simply unsustainable” said Ken Hollen, NOBLE’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a leader in the Circular Economy, ECOR products can be reclaimed and remade into new products again and again to avoid the single use dilemma.”

NOBLE partners with leading global brands to convert waste to value.  NOBLE also offers R&D, Product Innovation Services and Turn-key Factory Licenses. “We invite designers, engineers, scientists and makers to join us as we shape tomorrow’s ecosystem of safer, healthier design materials” said Hollen.

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