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Planetway – Accelerating data sovereignty

How important is data sovereignty?

Companies and governments alike are using technology to create massive databases in order to control and regulate the lives of people around the world. Consequently, anxiety about data security and privacy is ramping up.

With a firm belief in the growing importance of data sovereignty, Planetway is using new technology itself to develop a platform that ensures everyone can maintain ownership of their own data.

They want to create an independent, data-driven society, a world of human-centred information sovereignty in which internet users control the commodity that is their own data.

‘People often ask me about what I think of the future of personal data,’ says Noriaki Hirao, Planetway’s CEO and Founder. ‘At the moment, people are not paying attention to the things they agree to online.’

He draws attention to the terms & conditions agreements we all agree to without reading – if we were handed a 50-page document in real life to sign, we wouldn;t do so without reading it.

‘We need to rethink our relationship with the way we handle our personal data. This is quite urgent.’

To combat the growing vulnerability of personal data in a digital space, Planetway builds and supplies universal ID and decentralized data exchange infrastructure, offering data traceability, transparency and integrity throughout the entire data flow process and provides a single identification platform for each individual, allowing total data control by the individual.

It is often said that “data is the new oil”. This phrase is commonly seen as pointing towards many problems we see today with the misuse of data, specifically in business models where large international tech companies are amassing user data for their own benefit and profit, disregarding people’s rights to control their own digital identities.

However, Planetway believes we should not just be looking at data as a ‘product’, but also as a potential ‘service’. In doing so, and in ringfencing the security of personal data and handing it back to the individual, Planetway’s services could revolutionise the internet forever.