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RMS – Actionable risk insights in the era of climate change

Natural – and, indeed, man-made – disasters can seem to come out of nowhere. However, with rapid propulsion of technological advancement, the risks and impact of such disasters can now be analysed, prepared for and, thus, mitigated.

AI, machine learning and data analytics are all part of this exciting new frontier in risk management, and can be applied across sectors and regions to build a more resilient world and improve human outcomes across the globe.

Risk Management Solutions Inc. (RMS) are at the forefront of this, propelling an era of data consolidation and contributing in the quest to mitigate and deal with the effects of climate change.

RMS delivers actionable risk insights to industries affected by the uncertainty of extreme weather and climate change. Their models and solutions, which are backed by technology, science and expertise, are trusted by insurers, financial markets, corporations and public agencies to help them manage global risk throughout the world.

By delivering, insights on risk that can shape policy and inform capital investment, RMS hopes to build a more resilient world and improve human outcomes across the globe. RMS harbors a vision to democratize risk insight by taking advantage of the huge new data flows enabled by advances in technology, making the assessment and analysis of risk easier, faster and more accessible for all industries affected by extreme weather and climate change.

But where do they start?

‘Follow the money,’ says Karen White, CEO of RMS. ‘You can do a lot of good by following the money, particularly in risk areas like climate change. Companies are moving towards a zero carbon model because their customers and employees are demanding that.’

The climate crisis, Karen goes on, will dwarf the financial crash of 2008 and once again expose the vulnerability of the world’s economy and societies. However, there is cause for hope:

‘We can gain such a powerful insight from these new risks and transform them into a trillion-dollar opportunity.’