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SMS Group – Evolving the Steel Industry Through Innovation

Steel has been an important material in innovation and technology for years. But in today’s world with digitization, cloud-computing, precision manufacturing and renewable energy, care is needed to ensure that the steel industry continues to retain relevancy. Leading steel company SMS Group has been active for 150 years and have a keen understanding of both the realities and potential of the material. 

SMS Group is a technological company within the steel industry. SMS Chairman, Burkhard Dahmen explains: “We are developing processes how to manufacture and produce steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous materials. So, our business is the development of the process, the engineering of the mechanical parts, the programming of the automation and software and to bring everything together alive for the steel industry to be capable of producing steel.”

While steel production is prominent for its carbon footprint, the material itself proves quite renewable. It is a material that can be completely recycled numerous times without degradation so, in that way, the product itself is sustainable. However, SMS Group are aware of the challenges involved when examining the sustainability of the steel industry.

With innovations such as 3D printing, SMS Group are endeavouring to deliver cutting edge technological solutions to their customers while also maintaining involvement with the logistics and storage of the final product. It is this innovative approach that allows the company to branch out into new markets, such as ports where SMS Group is assisting with the storage of sea freight containers.

SMS Group have a global focus, the German company is being utilised by steel companies around the world, with consolidation of the industry proving a focus for the sector as a whole. 

The sustainable nature of steel notwithstanding, the processes involved in its creation are certainly in need of sustainable innovation. SMS Group is currently involved in the development of a green steel process where hydrogen, rather than fossil fuels, would be utilised – allowing the industry to evolve from energy consumers into energy producers. 

SMS have a long-term vision for the steel industry, with modernisation occurring through innovation; with the current manufacturing processes coming under significant scrutiny, this plan for development can only be a good thing.