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International media company TBD Media Group is delighted to announce the launch of its bespoke hub for the ‘DAVOS 2020 campaign’, as part of its efforts to build communication between key decision makers and society.

TBD Media will be in Davos in January 2020 to interview high-profile business executives and decision makers from a range of sectors, who will share their insight and stories expected to cover everything from robotics to the commercialization of space.

Each year, world leader and business executives convene in Davos with the aim of Davos communication and development of solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, as well as identifying opportunities for societal development.

In 2019, speakers featured at the event included politicians Angela Merkel, Wang Qishan and John Kerry, billionaire investor George Soros and actor and activist Matt Damon, with more big names sure to be attending in 2020 for further debate on how to approach the world’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

‘This campaign will provide a platform for the movers and shakers at Davos to communicate the positive actions and innovations that are driving a more progressive, sustainable society,’ explained Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media. ‘It is vital to break the silos between business and society so that people can understand the value these businesses can bring to tackling the world’s biggest problems.’

As a result, TBD Media has secured worldwide distribution partners to enhance the reach of the DAVOS 2020 campaign, from international publishers to globally-renowned digital news & content sites.

The video campaign will be supplemented with bespoke, social-ready content aimed at driving further engagement. TBD Media Group visited Davos for the first time in 2019; you can see some of our case studies below.


With the world becoming increasingly urbanised, the burden on transport and mobility infrastructure is greater than ever. Transdev, a global transport operator, has been developing integrated solutions to make mobility seamless.

UCB Pharma

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and there is an imperative need to break down the silos in which healthcare stakeholders operate. UCB Pharma has been emphasising the importance of focusing on patient value, using their expertise to foster collaboration within the industry.

Risen Energy

Solar power has become the fastest-growing form of new energy across the world over the last couple of years. Risen Energy has seen the chance to bring this solar boom to a global market, encouraging the use of renewable power sources and playing a big part in the development and production of those sources.