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TBD Media Group is overjoyed to confirm that the interviews for our ‘Davos 2020 Campaign’ will be taking place in the majestic InterContinental Davos Hotel.

With incomparable comfort, exceptional service and a view of the stunning landscapes of Switzerland, the InterContinental Davos Hotel is the ideal venue for the range of interviews we will be carrying out as a part of this exclusive Davos 2020 campaign.

We are launching our campaign to give participants a platform to explain how they are working to positively impact the world and there is no better place for this than Davos, where the natural beauty of the area provides a perfect backdrop for our interviewees to discuss their views and ideas.

InterContinental Hotels has been running since 1946, with its first opening in Brazil and a portfolio expanding across the world. In venues such as Washington, where Martin Luthor King, Jr. wrote his most inspirational speech, and in Cairo where an InterContinental hotel overlooks the Nile itself, the company have created locations where change is possible. We are proud to be running our campaign in such a venue.

TBD Media Group has secured the use of this major establishment for the purposes of the interviews, giving participants in the Davos 2020 campaign a platform to discuss key issues in a comfortable environment. With the content compiled as part of this initiative to be aired in collaboration with major multi-national news outlets, the insight of our interviewees will be distributed to an engaged, global audience.